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Tribal Spirit's Collection of Ethnographic Textiles

Handwoven cloth records the story of the people who make it. More than utilitarian in nature, the patterns, symbols , and surface embellishment imbue the cloth with power, protection, and status in that particular cultural context. The creativity and technical skill of each weaver contributes uniqueness and distinction to the finished textile. We focus on cloth made by tribal peoples around the world to be worn or used for a ceremonial occassion or important juncture in the maker’s life. It is our pleasure to share with you the creations of these talented weavers and the materialization of their artistic vision.

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   T1: Protective Talismanic Vest from Burma T2: Naga Tribe, Warrior’s Shawl   
   T3: Tibetan Horse's Nose Amulet. T4: Kauer People, Sumatra, Indonesia Women's Ceremonial Top   
   T5: Tibetan Woman's Wool Apron T6: Antique Double-Faced Tablet Woven Manuscript Ribbon, Burma