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Objects in traditional cultures often display exceptional craftsmanship and distinctive designs that reflect the belief systems of the group they originate from. Tribal Spirit focuses on authentic objects that have been lovingly made and used by their owners in day to day living, as well as for important ceremonies. The accompanying signs of wear and tear add to the visual richness and patina of an object and attest to a life well led.

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   O1: Priestís Ritual Dagger from the Yao People in Vietnam O2: Antique Guilded Offering Vessel from Burma   
   O3: 18th Century Shan Marble Buddha from Burma O4: Toraja People, Sulawesi Indonesia, Ceremonial Offering Basket   
   O5: Finely Detailed Silver Repousse Bowl from Burma O6: Yao people of Northern Thailand Ritual Rice PaperPainting