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Personal Adornment

Personal adornment has existed in some form since early man strung natural objects to add to his attractiveness or to access their inherent spiritual power . Traditional peoples use jewelry and adornment to display power, status, and age according to customs associated with gender and economic means. Religious and spiritual elements transform the purely ornamental into an amulet that will protect the wearer as well as enhance attractiveness. We specialize in traditional as well as transitional designs made by tribal peoples around the world.

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   J1: Beautiful Old Tibetan Charm Box with Coral and Silver. J2: Antique Coin Silver Woman’s Dance Bracelet with Bells from East Timor   
   J3: Warrior’s Torque Necklace with Stylized Heads from Nagaland, India J4: Carved Boars Tusk with Protective Symbol   
   J5: Shaman’s Old Bell Necklace from Chin State Burma J6: Antique Timor Hair Ornament or Comb   
   J7: Magic Bone Ring with Protective Charm J8: Burmese Tribal Torque Necklaces   
   J9: Bone Pendant Worn by a Hunter J10: Chinese Bound Shoes   
   J11: Amber Earplug J12: Karen Silver Earplugs