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Yao/ Zow
Northern Thailand / Northern Vietnam
Carved Bone Calander used by Hunters
.5 in. wide x .5 in. long
Very good
Charms like these are used by hunters of the Zow tribe in northern Vietnam. The Zow are also know as the Yao are a hill tribe that stretch from northern Thailand, northern Laos and into northern Vietnam, as well as the extreme southern China. The hunters carve them from bone from a previous hunt and decorate them talismanic markings. They are then prayed over and blessed to insure a successful hunt and to keep the hunter safe from any harm along their journey. The hunter also in his prayers ask for the animals to be drawn to him and for their sacrifice so he can provide food for his family while at the same time honoring the animal that he has taken. The balance between nature and humanity is very important to the Zow and is reflected in the information that was provided to us while acquiring this piece in northern Vietnam. An ideal gift for any hunter or nature lover found here in the west.